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Boston Common

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Rich in History
The Boston Common is the home of the Central Burying Ground, where a number of important historic figures can be found. Boston Common is ripe with historic value, having been the site where the Colonial militia assembled ready for battle for the Revolution. This is also the location in which the Redcoats held an 8-year encampment. Some of the most important historic figures in the US celebrated the country’s independence in this beautiful park. During World War II, Boston Common lost the majority of its iron fencing as scrap metal for the war.

The Boston Common has been the site of many historic moments leading all the way up to the 21st century. Boston Common is a gorgeous park-like area in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Boston where you can often find a mix of tourists, lounging college students and businessmen. Visitors enjoy the ball fields and Frog Pond, which offers a spray pool in the summer and skating during the winter.

Real Estate
Anyone fortunate enough to purchase Boston Common real estate will enjoy this beautiful New England oasis, located near some of the best amenities Boston has to offer. If you’re interested in purchasing Boston Common real estate, contact First Boston Realty International to discuss your housing needs.