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Buying a Condo

Buying Boston Luxury Properties

What type of property are you looking for ? —Your Requirements

When you are in the market to buy a Boston luxury condo, studio or one bedroom apartment First Boston Realty International will work with you to define your ideal home and neighborhood. It is extremely important that you make a list of absolute requirements for your purchase.

How to Get Pre-approved

Now that you know what you want in your new home and neighborhood, you need to find out what you can afford. The best way to do this is to get prequalification or preapproval for a home loan. First Boston Realty International can refer you to a Boston condo mortgage broker to begin the process. Please keep in mind that preapproved buyers are preferred by sellers over those who are prequalified. The seller understands that the likelihood of unexpected obstacles regarding financing is low for preapproved buyers.

Begin the Property Search

The most efficient route is to allow us at to do the initial property search for you. Using your absolute requirements as a guide, we will alert you of new and existing property listings that have strong potential. First Boston Realty International sends alerts via email, sometimes as often as daily, depending on the available inventory of Boston luxury condos or Boston luxury apartments on your market. Just let us know how you’d like to receive these alerts, whether by phone, email, or fax.

The Offer

When you’re ready to make an offer on a condo property, we will help you determine the offer price by reviewing recent sales of homes similar in size, quality, and amenities. With your input, we will draft a written contract that outlines what needs to be done by both parties to execute the transaction.

Prepare for the Closing

In advance of your closing date (24 hours at minimum), your lender will send a final closing statement that outlines your closing costs, if applicable. We will review this document with you to ensure its accuracy, as well as help you gather any necessary documentation that you’ll need to bring to closing. The closing is where home ownership is legally transferred from the seller to the buyer. It is a formal meeting that most parties involved in the transaction will attend. The closing officer will coordinate all the document signing and the collection and disbursement of funds.

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