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Property Management Service

First Boston Realty offers a premier property management service to Boston property owners.
Boston Property ManagementOur extensive experience in property management and commercial properties provides peace of mind and ensures that everything is taken care of to perfection.

After getting to know the unique style and character of each property, we focus on the most effective management plan for the owner and its residents or tenants. Our goal is to deliver unmatched property management, while enhancing each Boston luxury apartment's value.

For businesses and investors, properly managed real estate is a source of income and profit, which is why First Boston Realty International carefully oversees the performance of your income-producing commercial or residential properties and ensures that your real estate investments achieve their expected revenues.

What you can expect from First Boston Realty International in the management of your Boston luxury apartment:

  • Advertise your vacant Boston luxury apartment for rent.
  • Show available apartments for rent and interview prospective tenants.
  • Strategic online advertising
  • Screen the best candidates for your rental property
  • By requiring written applications with credit and employment references
  • Evaluate prospective tenants by investigating their backgrounds
  • Credit histories, personal references and employment histories
  • Obtain liability, fire, theft and other insurance on rental property
  • Arrange for regular maintenance and necessary repairs of the property
  • Assure that tenants comply with rental policies and procedures
  • Supervise repairs and maintenance work
  • Conduct inspections of the Boston luxury apartment on a periodic basis
  • Establish and maintain an organized system of collecting rental payments and security deposits

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