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Selling and Renting Your Property in Downtown Boston

First Boston Realty International’s extensive knowledge of the Boston Real Estate market comes from our team of Boston resident real estate professionals. Our international high-profile network as well as our knowledge of real estate marketing allows us to truly tailor our services to every seller’s unique property.

To Start

Our focus of selling your property is a comprehensive marketing strategy based on a combination of our extensive network in the Boston area as well as our extensive knowledge of real estate marketing. Every property is different in the demographic that it targets, thus our approach to the marketing of your property is uniquely shaped to your property as well as your needs. The first step in marketing your property is establishing a well researched offering price in addition to designing a specific marketing strategy for your property.

Advanced Marketing

Marketing is a key and crucial step in selling your property. Marketing is the introduction of your property to potential buyers; this includes exposure of your property to other real estate professionals as well as the public. We will act as the marketing coordinator for your property creating maximum exposure to potential buyers.

Website Exposure

The web serves as one of the main channels in which potential buyers are exposed to properties. Our website maximizes exposure and draws interest from buyers around the world. We aim to educate buyers on Boston Real Estate by presenting Boston properties with the highest quality presentation. This includes the use of professional photographs as well as floor plans. Our extensive knowledge of Boston Luxury Buildings as well as real estate is reflected on our informative website. Additionally, our website allows buyers to interact with the Boston real estate market live by conducting property searches customized by neighborhood, building, and several additional criteria.

Print Advertisements

We customize our print advertising methods per property. Our mediums of print media include advertisements in Boston as well as National publications as well as mailings targeted towards the specific demographic that your property draws. Our Mailings reflect the quality of the properties that we market; each project must reflect the unique qualities of the property we are representing.


Our office is located on the Boston Common in Boston’s Downtown District; we are located one block from the Ritz Carlton Boston. Our position presents us with great street visibility as well as a location that is central to all Boston neighborhoods. We expand our exposure outwards to Boston through various Street kiosk advertisements, for example our advert at the Shops at Prudential Center that show cases our exclusive properties.


First Boston Realty International will assist you in objectively evaluating every buyer's proposal without compromising your market position. Our team can help you through the negotiating and sales process with the expertise and knowledge that has built our international reputation.

Contact us at 617.482.3333 and speak to one of our real estate agents about marketing your property.